Public Safety


Dial 911 to report a fire, save a life, or stop a crime. Remember that seconds can save lives!

Be sure to take a moment to read the West Piedmont Hazard Mitigation Plan (PDF).


Pittsylvania County is the largest county in the State of Virginia, covering almost 1,000 square miles. We provide many services to the 61,000 plus citizens of this county including E-911 and the dispatching of fire, rescue, and police and other services to emergencies around the clock. Pittsylvania County would also like to welcome you to the next generation of 911. We now have the capability of text-to-911 with cellular phones.

We are located in a state of the art communications center here in Chatham, the county seat. To those we serve, we are better known as "Ce-Com," which is short for central communications.

We are the heart beat of Pittsylvania County, and the vital link between you and the help you need! We are there when you need us most.

Calls & Dispatch

We take calls and dispatch for:

  • 12 Rescue Squads
  • 21 Fire Departments
  • Animal Control
  • Chatham, Gretna, and Hurt Town Police Departments
  • Sheriff's Office
  • Virginia Department of Forestry
  • Angel Search and Rescue

We also assist the State Game Wardens, ABC Agents, and the Virginia State Police.

Center Staffing

Your 911 Center is staffed with highly trained, skilled, and certified telecommunicators who are ready to receive your emergency call.

We utilize state of the art Computer Aided Dispatch software, computerized radio consoles, enhanced 911 telephone equipment, and the latest in weather tracking devices to ensure a quick and reliable response to the emergencies that are encountered.

What is Public Safety?