Business Licenses

The majority of businesses in Pittsylvania County do not need a business license to operate. At the present time, the only types of business that Pittsylvania County requires to have a business license are:

  • Amusement: Contact the office for fees.
  • Bondsman: Required to get prior approval from the Circuit Court Judge. The fee is $50.
  • Dance Hall: Approved and issued by the County Administrator.
  • Solid Waste Vendors: Required to get prior approval through the Board of Supervisors. Fee consists of $50 per vehicle.

Any business locating or planning to do business in the towns of Chatham, Gretna, or Hurt must check with the town office for any license fees.

Contact Information

New businesses should contact the Commissioner of Revenue's Office at 434-432-7946 for the proper reporting forms for personal property taxation and Code Compliance at 434-432-7750 to insure the business location is properly zoned.