Citizen Volunteers


Citizens on patrol are trained volunteers who donate their time and work together with the Pittsylvania County Sheriff's Office to assist and support law enforcement in reducing crime and improving the quality of life in our county. They do this by providing the Sheriff's Office with extra eyes and ears while they patrol in marked vehicles looking for suspicious or criminal actives, which the Sheriff's Office might otherwise be unaware.


Citizen patrol volunteers are unarmed and take no enforcement action. When they see possible criminal activities in progress they notify E-911 so that a deputy can be dispatched to the location. Some of the other duties with which they could assist us and their fellow citizens may be:

  • Controlling traffic at events and scenes of accidents
  • Checking on elderly or disabled citizens
  • Patrolling areas where incidents of vandalism or thefts are known to happen
  • Participating in the Project Lifesaver Care Track Program

Monthly Meetings

We will conduct monthly meetings with the citizen volunteers to keep them abreast of any information or discuss any developments that may be of benefit to them in their duties. These meetings will also give the volunteers a chance to discuss any problems or ask any questions they may have as well as allowing them to interact together.