Community Policy & Management Team

The Community Policy and Management Team is the board that oversees the Family Assessment and Planning Team. The Child Services Agency office facilitates both of these teams and oversees all other aspects that are required by the Office of Children’s Services. The ensure that all state and local policies are being followed.  The Child Services Agency has received clean audits from the State for the past eight years. 

CSA is a child-centered, family-focused program to ensure that children and families within our county are served appropriately. We serve children from the Department of Social Services, The Court Services Unit, Pittsylvania County Schools, and the local Community Service Board. We work with children who are on probation, in foster care, and or in need of other services in the community or in a residential setting.  The state also has a set of criteria that children must met to be eligible for services.  

For Parents

The Parent's Guide to the Comprehensive Services Act (CSA) for At-Risk Youth and Families (PDF) provides contact information and information on how to access CSA services.