Crime Prevention Programs


The Pittsylvania Sheriff's Office is dedicated to keeping law violators off the street. To report a crime or tip, call the Pittsylvania County CrimeStoppers at 800-791-0044.

Cash Reward

If you have any information that leads to the arrest of an individual and/or recovery of property for another, you may qualify for a cash reward. You do not have to give your name and/or phone number to qualify for this.

When you call the CrimeStoppers line you will be given a CrimeStoppers number. If you qualify for the reward it will be posted. You can then make arrangements to receive your reward, anonymously if you desire.

Neighborhood Watch

For the protection of the community and all your neighbors we encourage you to start a neighborhood watch.

For more information about neighborhood watches please visit the USA on Watchor the National Neighborhood Watch Institute websites.

Project Lifesaver

Project Lifesaver stands for Programmed Rescue Operation Joining Electronic Computer Technologies to Locate and Identify Frequency Emissions to Search for and Assist Victims to Enhance Recovery. 

Project strategy is to distribute electronic bracelets to victims suffering from Alzheimer's and other related mentally dysfunctional disorders (ARMD) with a history of, or potential for wander (72% of wanderers are repeat wanderers.) Each designated ARMD victim will be assigned a unique frequency and may be tracked and located by search and rescue personnel by the use of receivers tuned to the appropriate frequency. Use of the transmitters will enable victims to be located in a matter of minutes instead of many hours or days. Intended supplemental action is to provide a rapid response of coordinated air and ground forces to quickly locate these ARMD victims through electronic means.

Funding from Project Lifesaver is a result of private and corporate donations. Since Project Lifesaver is comprised of volunteers, donations are used directly for programs, rescues, and education expenses. Donations can be sent to:

Pittsylvania County Project Lifesaver
P.O. Box 407
Chatham, VA 24531

Donations may also be done through the United Way.