Board of Zoning Appeals

Members of the Board of Zoning Appeals are appointed by the Judge in the Circuit Court of Pittsylvania County, and they serve a five (5) year term. Working closely with the Zoning Department, the Board of Zoning Appeals makes the final decisions on special use permit requests, appeals of decisions from the zoning administrator, and variance requests in Pittsylvania County. 

Agendas & Minutes

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Ryland Brumfield - January 15, 2022

R. Allan Easley - January 15, 2026

Ann Deering - January 14, 2025

Hershel Stone - January 13, 2025

Joseph A. Craddock - January 15, 2026

Ronald E. Merricks - January 14, 2025

Carroll Yeaman - January 14, 2025

For Information on the Board of Zoning Appeals, please contact Robin Vaughan at (434) 432-7750 or Email