Convenience Centers

Pittsylvania County has 21 convenience centers and 10 "greenbox" sites spread across the county. Our “Convenience Centers” are waste disposal facilities for our County residents to dispose of residential, household generated waste. They consist of compactor units to handle normal trash and larger open-top containers for large or bulky items. 

Our greenbox sites are located where travel distance to our convenience centers is outside of an acceptable range. We are currently working to develop three additional convenience centers which will allow us to eliminate some greenbox sites that are not as cost effective to maintain and do not provide a great experience for our users. 

A crew of drivers are always on the road, using rolloff trucks to haul trash from these convenience centers back to the Pittsylvania County landfill. Several of the most frequently visited sites are also manned by attendants to ensure that citizens have access to everything they need and to ensure that the sites aren't abused by contractors. For everyone's safety, Pittsylvania County does not permit salvaging, scavenging, or reclaiming items from our convenience centers or greenbox sites.  We regularly monitor these sites for improper usage and violators will be ticketed for illegal use.

All sites have containers for recycle aluminium cans and newsprint. Mt Hermon Collection Center also has a container for cardboard

1. Brights (Greenbox) 
3628 Brights Rd Pittsville, VA 24139

3. Grit (Convenience Center) 
3700 Wards Rd Hurt, VA 24563

5. Smith Mountain (Convenience Center) 
155 Smith Mountain Rd Penhook, VA 24137

7. Rockford (Convenience Center) 
6300 Rockford School Rd Gretna, VA 24557

9. Sago (Greenbox)
2472 Sago Rd Callands, VA 24530

11. Potter Creek (Greenbox) 
6461 W Gretna Rd Pittsville, VA 24139

13. Callands (Convenience Center)
20400 Franklin Turnpike Chatham, VA 24531

15. Banister River (Greenbox) 
4563 Halifax Rd Chatham, VA 24531

17. Stone Gregory's (Greenbox) 
11528 Halifax Rd Java, VA 24565

19. Whitmell (Convenience Center) 
240 Bowl Dr Dry Fork, VA 24549

21. Dry Fork (Convenience Center) 
11400 US-29 Chatham, VA 24531

23. Brosville (Convenience Center)
95 Cascade Rd Cascade, VA 24069

25. Mt. Cross (Convenience Center) 
4080 Mt Cross Rd Danville, VA 24540

27. Blairs (Convenience Center) 
375 Blairs Cir Blairs, VA 24527

29. Ringgold (Convenience Center) 
155 Ringgold Rd Ringgold, VA 24586

31. Old Mayfield (Convenience Center) 
980 Mayfield Rd Danville, VA 24541

2. Motley (Convenience Center) 
255 Jasper Wood Rd Hurt, VA 24563

4. Long Island (Greenbox) 
2493 Moons Rd Long Island, VA 24569

6. Pittsville (Greenbox) 
5376 Pittsville Rd Pittsville, VA 24139

8. Mt. Airy (Convenience Center) 
110 Renan Rd Gretna, VA 24557

10. Climax (Greenbox) 
3793 Climax Rd Chatham, VA 24531

12. Whittles (Greenbox) 
23020 US-29 Chatham, VA 24531

14. Moses Mill (Convenience Center) 
655 Moses Mill Rd Chatham, VA 24531

16. Java (Convenience Center)
2908 Java Rd Java, VA 24565

18. Sandy River (Convenience Center) 
4560 Medical Center Rd Axton, VA 24054

20. Powell (Convenience Center) 
2006 Wi Powell Rd Dry Fork, VA 24549

22. Mt. Tabor (Convenience Center) 
3001 Mt Tabor Rd Keeling, VA 24566

24. Berry Hill (Convenience Center) 
110 Target Dr Danville, VA 24541

26. Mt. Hermon (Convenience Center) 
3575 Franklin Turnpike Danville, VA 24540

28. Kentuck (Convenience Center)
3875 Kentuck Rd Ringgold, VA 24586

30. Sutherlin (Convenience Center) 
5255 S Boston Hwy Sutherlin, VA 24594

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Annual Solid Waste Collections ExpensesThe operation of these convenience centers is largely funded by the Solid Waste Fee, an annual tax of $120 per household. Without the Solid Waste Fee, Pittsylvania County would be required to either raise taxes or forgo crucial investments in other areas like public safety and education.

Before the Solid Waste Fee was instituted in 2018, many of these convenience centers and greenbox sites were in complete disarray. These sites were created for residential use, but contractors would fill them to the brink, so site attendants have been placed at some of the busiest sites to ensure that every citizen has room to leave their trash.

Pittsylvania County is also working to put in additional sites and improve the level of service offered at the convenience centers. A new, regional convenience center is being developed at Meadow Ridge Court, as well as two more sites on Climax Road and Level Run Road. A new recycling program is being created to allow county residents to easily recycle cardboard and newspaper, among other things.