Service Awards

24th Annual Pittsylvania County Service Awards


I would like to extend my sincere congratulations as you celebrate a significant anniversary of your employment with Pittsylvania County. Clearly, reaching this milestone is a very special occasion for you, and it is a very special occasion for Pittsylvania County as it is a testimony of your loyalty over the years.

You are a valued member of our team and your continued contributions are vital for Pittsylvania County to be successful in meeting the needs of our citizens. All of our achievements are made possible because of the collective efforts of Pittsylvania County's employees. People such as yourself are and always will be Pittsylvania County's greatest asset.

Again, thank you for your hard work and dedication, and please accept my heartfelt thanks and good wishes on celebrating the anniversary of your employment with Pittsylvania County.

David M. Smitherman

County Administrator

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30 Years of Service

  • Jefferey Stone, Building & Grounds
  • Ronald Fowler, E-911 Communications

25 Years of Service

  • Myrna Herndon, Library
  • Corey Webb, Sheriff's Office
  • Suzanne Meadows, Clerk of Court

 20 Years of Service

  • Kimberly Van Der Hyde, Finance
  • Kathy Yeatts, Finance
  • Adrian Badgett, Library
  • Eric Scott Campbell, Sheriff's Office
  • Matthew Dawson, Sheriff's Office
  • David Dutton, Sheriff's Office
  • Shannon Edwards, Sheriff's Office
  • Baron Parker, Sheriff's Office
  • Jane Marsh, Clerk of Court
  • Robert Haskins, Commonwealth's Attorney

15 Years of Service

  • Terry Whitt, Community Development
  • Terry Kelly, Fire Marshall

 10 Years of Service

  • Kevin Bumper, Information Technology
  • Robin Rowland, Building & Grounds
  • Holly Boles, E-911 Communications
  • Glenna Caldwell, E-911 Communications
  • Mary Kitchens, E-911 Communications
  • James A. Davis, Sheriff's Office
  • Janet Sargent, Sheriff's Office
  • Connie Barksdale, Jail
  • Kathy Cook, Jail
  • Monica Glass, Jail
  • Timothy Motley, Jail
  • Clyde Dolan, S. W. Collections
  • Tammy White, S. W. Collections

5 Years of Service

  • Joshua Boyd, Information Technology
  • Angela Harrison, Library
  • John Tyler Freeland, WIA
  • Joann Bradley, E-911 Communications
  • Kaleb Farley, Sheriff's Office
  • Adam  Reynolds, Sheriff's Office
  • Matthew Reynolds, Sheriff's Office
  • Nicolas Samuels, Sheriff's Office
  • Jonathan Ashworth, Jail
  • Vann Burgess, S. W. Collections
  • Ronald Francis, Library
  • Katherine Toluba, Library