Pittsylvania County Reassessment

Periodic reassessment of property values is legally required by the Commonwealth of Virginia to ensure that county citizens and landowners pay appropriate taxes based upon up-to-date market values. These values are kept on file by the Commissioner of the Revenue and are used to generate real estate tax amounts. Pittsylvania County typically operates on a four-year reassessment cycle.

Work for the 2022 reassessment is already underway in Pittsylvania County. Brightminds, LLC, the company conducting Pittsylvania County's reassessment, is utilizing drone technology to capture aerial images of properties. A clearly identified certified FAA pilot with Brightminds will utilize different takeoff points to complete drone flyovers. Assessors will examine the photographs taken by the drones and flag the properties that do not match previous records and need to be examined in person.

Typically, assessors would go door to door taking pictures of the front of houses, which led to unequal amounts of information from each property. 
By utilizing unmanned aerial vehicles, the crews will collect more comprehensive and equal information on each property and be able to identify which properties require an in-person visit. 

You can keep up with where Brightminds technicians will be by following the blue squares on the map. This map is updated weekly. 

If you have questions about where the crews will be working, please contact Jessica Barbour with Brightminds at 434-483-4361.

Technicians from Brightminds will be gathering data for the next several months. Notices of updated property values will be mailed to each property owner in the fall of 2021, and the owners will have the opportunity to dispute them before they come into effect on Jan. 1, 2022.


​What is Reassessment? 

Legally required by the Commonwealth of Virginia, reassessment is when up-to-date property values are determined for an entire locality or municipality. Updated values are determined through through photographs, aerial images, and observations from a trained crew of property assessors. There are many complicated formulas and factors involved in determining and updating property values, which are kept by the Commissioner of the Revenue. Here is more detailed information about reassessment

When Does Reassessment Occur? 

In Pittsylvania County reassessment occurs on a four-year cycle, but the process itself takes close to two full years. From selecting a contractor to actually completing the field work and determining the values to sending out updated value notices and holding hearings for disputes, there is a lot that goes into the process. 

​Why Does Reassessment Matter? 

Without reassessment, property owners would end up paying real estate taxes based on completely outdated values. This would mean that some would pay significantly more than they should while others would pay less. Having up-to-date values ensures that every property owners pays the appropriate amount of taxes. 

​Will Reassessment Affect My Taxes? 

Reassessment has no impact on the current Pittsylvania County real estate tax rate of $.62 for every $100 in value, which has been in place since 2018. However, reassessment can impact your taxes by adjusting the assessed value of your real estate or property to meet the current market value. Depending on your property, this shift could be an increase or decrease.