Pittsylvania County Reassessment

Periodic reassessment of property values is legally required by the Commonwealth of Virginia to ensure that county citizens and landowners pay appropriate taxes based upon up-to-date market values. These values are kept on file by the Commissioner of the Revenue and are used to generate real estate tax amounts. Counties with populations of more than 50,000 are required to perform a reassessment at least every four years. 

reassessment clarification graphicWearing clearly marked clothes and clearly identified vehicles, the Pittsylvania County reassessment team may visit your home. The Pittsylvania County reassessment team CANNOT enter your home UNLESS you invite them in. They will never enter your home without your invitation, permission, and knowledge. Please check this press release from Pittsylvania County regarding a miscommunication on this matter and read this apology and clarification letter, which is being sent out to property owners. 

Skip to the two and a half minute mark of the top podcast to hear from Brightminds' Managing Partner William Cole about reassessment and the company's methods that differentiate them from other reassessment companies.

Skip to the two minute mark of the 2022 Reassessment podcast to hear more about the reassessment process from Pittsylvania County Project Manager Nick Morris.

This graphic explains what reassessment is and how it benefits the taxpayer

Work for the 2022 reassessment is already underway in Pittsylvania County. Brightminds, LLC, the company conducting Pittsylvania County's reassessment, is utilizing drone technology to capture aerial images of properties. 

A clearly identified certified FAA pilot with Brightminds will utilize different takeoff points to complete drone flyovers. Assessors will examine the photographs taken by the drones and flag the properties that do not match previous records and need to be examined in person. 

These crews still need the help of property owners to ensure that property values are accurate. If you own property in Pittsylvania County, please fill out this form to indicate if any major changes have occurred. You can also sent Brightminds any relevant pictures via email (reassessment@pittgov.org) or you can schedule a time for the reassessment team to visit your property by calling Brightminds at 434-483-4361.

Typically, the only information assessors would have to go on was previous building data and frontal pictures of homes, which led to unequal amounts of information from each property. By utilizing unmanned aerial vehicles, the crews will collect more comprehensive and equal information on each property and be able to identify which properties require an in-person visit. You can keep up with where Brightminds technicians will be by following the blue squares on the map. This map is updated weekly. 

🟦scheduled to be visited this week

🟪have already been surveyed

🟨still need to be surveyed 

“This reassessment process is extremely important for ensuring that all of our property owners pay their fair share of taxes, and the more information that our residents provide the more accurate and equitable the final assessment will be,” said Bob Warren, Chairman of the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors. “We have gone with a completely different reassessment process this year to ensure that the results are as accurate as possible.”

AReassessment Timeline Revisions for Pittsylvania County's 2022 Reassessment mong the three companies that put in bids to complete Pittsylvania County's reassessment, Brightminds was chosen because they are local, high energy, use technology well, and had the lowest price point.

If you have questions about where the crews will be working or would like to schedule a time for the crews to view the inside of your home, please contact William Cole with Brightminds at 434-483-4361.Technicians from Brightminds will be gathering data for the next several months. In addition to the aerial photos, Brightminds will also conduct in-person visits to properties where discrepancies are found by the end of June, 2021. 

Please fill out the form to provide any pertinent information about the interior of your property to make the visit with Brightminds go quicker. You have every right to not fill out the form or otherwise provide access to the interior of your home to, but at that point assumptions will have to be applied. 

Assumptions simply means that the reassessment team will have to assume that the interior of your home is similar in condition and quality to its exterior, which is how the reassessment process has always worked. 

All appraisals are projected to be completed by the end of June. Notices of updated property values will be mailed to each property owner in the fall of 2021, and the owners will have the opportunity to dispute them before they come into effect on Jan. 1, 2022. Disputes will be heard first by the Board of Assessors. Any disputes that can't be resolved there will move to the Board of Equalization, the members of which are appointed by the local Circuit Court.  

State Laws about Reassessment 

Virginia State Codes § 58.1-3250 through § 58.1-3355 governs the reassessment of real property for Virginia localities. The State Code includes sections regarding general information about reassessment cycles, who can perform a reassessment, reassessment valuation procedures and practices, the involvement of the Commissioner of the Revenue, the levy of taxes, public disclosure and access to records, tax to constitute lien, and administrative and judicial review