Meet the Volunteers

The Pittsylvania County Public Safety System depends on many community fire and rescue agencies, which are manned and operated by volunteers. These dedicated citizens spend hundreds of hours completing training, responding on a moment's notice to emergencies around the clock, and fundraising to ensure that their department has what it needs. 

When the average citizen calls 911, they have no idea who will show up to help them through their emergency. Whether it's a weekday morning, the middle of the night, or Christmas morning, Pittsylvania County volunteers are always ready to respond to an emergency. Here are a few of the hundreds of dedicated volunteers that sacrifice their time to provide quality and quick fire and EMS coverage. 

  1. Ryan Crews
  2. Elaine Moore
  3. David Adkins
  4. Luke Fowler
  5. Larry Morris
  6. Amber Stowe

Ryan Crews, deputy fire chief at Gretna Volunteer Fire and Rescue

Ryan Crews

Ryan joined the Climax Fire Department as a junior member when he was 16, and today he serves as the deputy fire chief for Gretna. After many of his friends in high school joined together, Ryan said not as many young people jump to join their local department. 
"Firefighting is a young person's game, but there's not many young people in it."
For Ryan, one of the most rewarding parts of being a volunteer firefighter is being known in the community to the point that people in the grocery store that he helped years ago will recognize him, or someone will call his cell phone to report a fire. 
"It's a good feeling when you can help people like that."