Gretna Community Vaccination Clinic to Close

After approximately two months of serving as a central vaccine hub for Pittsylvania County, the Gretna Community Vaccination Clinic will be shut down after its last clinic on May 20. A decline in demand for the vaccine combined with more widespread access across our county led to the decision to close the clinic.  

Getting community members vaccinated is the key to returning our community to normal. That's why Pittsylvania County, and our many community partners, have worked so hard to provide each of our residents convenient opportunities to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. In collaboration with the local health district and other partners, Pittsylvania County established the former Foodland building in Gretna as the Gretna Community Vaccination Clinic.

Approximately 1500 vaccines were distributed at the clinic while it was open, and roughly 1,300 of those were the single-dose, Johnson & Johnson vaccine that were given at two clinics on April 2 and April 9. In the weeks since then, clinics have been held weekly, usually with the two-dose Moderna vaccine.  

After agreeing to lease the facility for three months from FBGT, LLC for $30,000, Pittsylvania County has requested to terminate the lease a month early, which would save the county $10,000.  

Even though the clinic is now closed, Pittsylvania County continues to encourage residents who have not been vaccinated to do research about the effectiveness of the vaccines. Those who are interested in getting vaccinated can search for available vaccines near them at

Pittsylvania County worked in collaboration with the local health district, the City of Danville, Averett University, and other partners to establish the former Foodland building in Gretna as the Gretna Community Vaccination Clinic. Centrally located in the northern portion of Pittsylvania County, the site played a key role in making vaccines conveniently accessible.  

In addition to putting in significant legwork to get the facility fixed up and operational, Pittsylvania County set up a phone line for residents to call and schedule an appointment. After leaving a message with their name and number, someone would call them back within two days. This system, which operated independently of the state's Vaccinate.Virginia portal, played a key role in making vaccines more accessible for Pittsylvania County residents, especially those that don't have internet access. Postcards that were sent to much of the northern portion of Pittsylvania County also helped spread the word to those who don't have internet access.  

As of April 5, our local health district is operating under Phase 2 of COVID-19 vaccine distribution. Everyone over the age of 18 is eligible to receive the Moderna or Johnson & Johnson vaccines, while anyone above the age of 12 can receive the Pfizer vaccine.