In the spirit of public transparency, Pittsylvania County has decided to publish the salaries of every full-time employee. Pittsylvania County employees are paid by the taxpayers, so it's only fair that the taxpayers have the opportunity to view county employees' salaries. This list includes the 357 employees that are on payroll as of April 20.

A salary study completed in 2017 found that Pittsylvania County employees, on average, were paid approximately 13% below the average minimum salaries in comparable organizations. Work has been done in the past few years to make compensation for Pittsylvania County employees fairer and more competitive. While Pittsylvania County has six less full time employees than it did in FY 2018, related salary costs have gone up by over $1 million due to efforts to bring compensation up to a competitive level. 

“We are proud of the work that we have done to bring the wages of county employees up to market value, which has allowed us to recruit and retain quality staff,” said Pittsylvania County Administrator David Smitherman. “Ultimately, increasing funding for salaries has proven to be an effective use of taxpayer money because it ensures that our organization, which is operated by quality employees from top to bottom, can accomplish more with less.”

In the most extreme example, the Sheriff's office was experiencing extremely high turnover largely due to low salaries. Between the implementation of the salary study recommendations and state-required raises for sworn in constitutional officers, the average sheriff's office and jail salaries have increased by 24% since fiscal year 2018.