2021 Youth Work Program

In partnership with many area agencies, Pittsylvania County has is supporting a summer youth work program that will provide meaningful work experience for approximately 25 county residents between the ages of 16 and 24. The application process will be announced soon.

This program is the result of collaboration between Pittsylvania County Schools, the Institute for Advanced Learning and Research, Pittsylvania County Community Action, the West Piedmont Workforce Development Board (WPWDB), and Pittsylvania County. Dr. Julie Brown, Director of Advanced Learning and Research at the Institute, developed the program structure. The West Piedmont Workforce Development Board will serve as the lead agency and fiscal agent and provide intern support services while the Institute will provide project facilitation and evaluation services.

“Work-based learning experiences such as job shadowing, internships and apprenticeships, are critical to helping youth explore career opportunities and gain experience,” said Dr. Julie Brown from the Institute. “These opportunities also provide employers with access to the emerging talent pool and are an effective low-risk recruitment strategy.”

Participants will be placed in different work environments with Pittsylvania County, Pittsylvania County Schools, Pittsylvania County Community Action, the Institute, and other area agencies depending on factors like career interest, transportation, skills, and availability. In addition to career coaching and a work readiness bootcamp, each participant will earn a $2,800 stipend. Youth and young adults ages 16 to 24 will be eligible to participate in the program, which is scheduled to run from June through the end of July.

After the City of Danville recently announced a program for area youth, Banister District Supervisor Charles Miller requested that Pittsylvania County staff work with area agencies to develop a similar opportunity for Pittsylvania County youth.

"I wanted to make sure that Pittsylvania County youth have opportunities to get meaningful work experience over the summer, and I am thrilled with the role that Pittsylvania County gets to play in making that happen," said Charles Miller, Banister District Representative on the Board of Supervisors. "I believe that this program will be mutually beneficial for the agencies involved and the driven youth who are selected."

Where does the money come from? 

The Pittsylvania County Youth Summer Work Program is made possible through funding from various sources and agencies, including: 

  • A contribution of as much as $75,000 from Pittsylvania County
  • A $10,000 contribution from Institute on behalf of the Dan River Region Collaborative (DRRC) 
  • WIOA funds for eligible out-of-school youth participants from the WPWDB