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Your wellness activity rewards program.Living well

Wellness is an active process through which people become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence.

Physical: The ability to improve the functioning of one’s body through healthy living and good exercise habits. 

Mental: A state of well-being in which one realizes one’s own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively, and is able to make a contribution to one’s community.

Emotional: The degree to which one feels positive and enthusiastic about one’s self and life.

Spiritual: One’s search for meaning and purpose in human existence.

Social: The ability to actively participate in a thriving community, culture, and environment. 

Occupational: The ability to have personal satisfaction and enrichment in ones’ life through work.

Living Well means you have a balanced and active approach to achieve wellness in all aspects of your life.  It’s important to make your life a healthy one!  So we’ve created PittCo Points to help you get motivated.

PittCo Points

Earn points: It’s simple, you participate (voluntarily) in a wide range of wellness activities and you earn points.  The more activities your participate in, the more points you earn! 

Get rewarded: The greater the number of points your earn, the better your chances are for being eligible for incentives.  And we have some great incentives in store for you! 

How do I earn and track points?

Monthly wellness challenges will be communicated that you have the option to voluntarily participate in.  Challenges will range from physical, nutritional, social, occupational, mental, and spiritual.  You choose what you want to participate in.  Get a team together and challenge each other! Each monthly challenge will be assigned levels of points based on achievement.  The employee is responsible for tracking points earned on the Living Well Tracking Spreadsheet which is located on the County website / HR / Living Well.

If I don’t want to participate in the monthly challenge, is there a way I can still earn points toward incentives?

Yes! There is a list of bonus activities that you can participate in to earn points. Please refer to the Living Well Tracking Spreadsheet for a complete list.

Why should I participate?  I don’t really like to exercise or go to the gym.

Your well-being and providing you with the tools you need to help improve your overall well-being is an organizational focus.  It’s important to remember that physical activity is just one dimension of wellness.  There are a whole host of other activities that you can get involved in to help you improve your overall well-being and get you more active! If you walk, garden, rake leaves, clean house, or walk your dog then all of these activities allow you to earn points.  You may already being doing them in your daily life!

And over time, physical activity can help you live a longer, healthier life, including lowering your risk of diseases and some cancers, control your blood pressure, and you may even lose a little weight.  

Working to improve wellness is more than just a monthly challenge.  Science shows that when we focus on wellness in all aspects of our life, it can result in feeling happier, healthier, more socially connected, and feeling more positive.  The pursuit of well-being is a life-long journey for most of us.  And wellness will be an intrinsic part of our culture here at Pittsylvania County. 

So, register today! You have everything to gain.