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Posted on: July 23, 2021

Thank You Morgan Olson

Robert Warren 3

Morgan Olson generously donated a $175,000 air utility vehicle to Pittsylvania County Public Safety, and this vehicle will serve as an asset to all Pittsylvania County residents and volunteer agencies, as well as the surrounding localities.

I just want to say that I am extremely appreciative of the generous gift that Morgan Olson provided to Pittsylvania County Public Safety – a new air utility vehicle worth approximately $175,000. This unit, which will be called Air 1, allows for mobile refilling of air tanks, carries equipment for rehabbing of first responders, and will be a real asset at the scene of large fires and emergencies.

While our public safety team has not yet determined where this vehicle will be housed, I want to reassure our entire county and region that Air 1 will be available to help every volunteer station, every career staff member, and ultimately every Pittsylvania County resident no matter where it stays. In addition to those who live and work in Pittsylvania County, this brand new air utility vehicle will be available to the surrounding localities like Danville during large emergency situations due to our mutual aid agreements. Air 1 will truly be an asset for our entire region.

As part of our economic development strategy Pittsylvania County is working hard not to just find any old company to locate here. We are actively looking for businesses and industry that will not only employ our residents, but actively participate in our community and partner. While we knew that Morgan Olson would be a good partner, we had no idea that the company would demonstrate such philanthropic tendencies and look for ways to benefit our county and entire region. 

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