How do I register for a COVID-19 vaccine?

Those who are interested in receiving a COVID-19 vaccine can pre-register online through the state's portal or leave a voice message with your name and number at 434-432-3582 to sign up for the Gretna Community Vaccination Center. These are separate registration processes and are independent of each other. You can register through both portals and simply accept the first appointment offered to you. 

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1. How do I register for a COVID-19 vaccine?
2. Who is eligible to receive the vaccine under Phase 2?
3. Once I pre-register, how long should I expect to wait before getting vaccinated?
4. I've pre-registered online - now what?
5. What is considered an underlying health condition?
6. I have questions about the effectiveness or safety of the vaccine - what should I do?
7. Someone I know doesn't have internet access. Can I sign them up?