How do we know the districts will be fair?

There are a wide variety of state and federal laws surrounding the redistricting process, election districts, and polling precincts that will ensure each district is fair. For instance, these are all legal requirements that Pittsylvania County committed to follow with a resolution approved during August's Board of Supervisors meeting 

  • Election districts shall be “as nearly equal in population as practicable.”  
  • Election district populations shall not exceed five percent (5%) less or five percent (5 %) more than the ideal district population. 
  • Election districts shall be compact and contiguous, with due regard to natural features and accessibility of voting places. 
  • Election district boundaries shall preserve communities of interest, to the maximum extent possible. A community of interest means a neighborhood or any geographically defined group of people living in an area who share similar social, cultural, and economic interests. 
  • Election district boundaries shall maintain existing boundary lines, where possible, if existing locations can be reasonably accommodated. 
  • Election district boundaries shall recognize incumbency of both the Board and the School Board, to the maximum extent permissible under law and consistent with the other criteria, so that existing incumbent office holders remain in separate districts. 

The Board of Supervisors hiring an outside firm to complete the process is another reason that citizens can trust the fairness of the process. ARCBridge will develop three different redistricting plans, which citizens will have ample time to review and provide feedback on.  

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