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1. When I sold my house, the closing documents state that the buyer is responsible for taxes. Is that correct?
2. I received a bill for a vehicle that I sold a few months ago. How do I get a corrected bill?
3. What type of tax relief programs does Pittsylvania County offer?
4. I received a bill for a vehicle that I did not own as of January 1st. How can I get this corrected?
5. Why does my account have a DMV stop?
6. What is a vehicle license fee?
7. Who is TACS and why are they contacting me for delinquent bills for Pittsylvania County?
8. What is the $120 solid waste fee for?
9. Who is charged the solid waste fee?
10. Do I have to pay the solid waste fee if the household is uninhabitable?
11. Are town residents liable for the county solid waste fee?
12. Where can I pay my taxes?