Dave Arnold

County Administration
Title: Assistant County Administrator
Phone: 434-770-0394
Dave Arnold

Dave Arnold, the Assistant County Administrator since June of 2021, is responsible for overseeing Information Technology, Human Resources, and Information Management. In short, Dave is responsible for identifying how to best manage county data and convert those data into actionable information that can be utilized by county staff and citizens alike.  

Dave has a bachelor’s degree from Emory and Henry College and a master’s degree from Virginia Tech, both in geography. He also earned a graduate certificate in geospatial information science. Before his current position, he worked in a tech support call center for Dish Network, became a quality assurance specialist and then supervisor, worked as a graduate research assistant at Virginia Tech, and worked at an engineering firm as a GIS Specialist. In 2013, Dave moved to Virginia Beach, where he was a Systems Analyst in the center for GIS. In 2016, he took a job as a GIS Manger for Virginal Tech Facilities Department. Then, he returned to Virginia Beach and worked as the manager of the GIS production team before transitioning into his current position in the summer of 2021.  

His day-to-day job includes assessing pressing matters concerning the three departments he oversees, such as how they are moving forward with new initiatives. It also includes overseeing administration of the county’s initiatives, helping the Board of Supervisors, and meeting with citizens and partner organizations. He was inspired to take this job because he wanted to broaden his horizons in a leadership position and expand outside of the technical.  

Dave is married, has two dogs, and is a proud uncle. He has played tennis for 36 years, he keeps up with sports, and he enjoys outdoor activities, especially when it involves water. He is a third-generation public servant, and he really believes in the role of government.


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